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Top Students

We are building an exciting portfolio of engineering software and tools for the students of the Tethys Engineering Community

Bringing the full-suite of Solidworks products to Tethys Engineering

We have established a partnership with Solidworks, a member of the Dassault System family, to offer students the opportunity to apply what they have learned on commercial projects.

Tethys Engineering created an environment where students that are part of Tethys Engineering can access license keys and use the full commercial version of the Solidworks on the projects they are assigned to.

It is now possible for businesses to extend the duration of internships and work with students during the entire duration of a school year. With network access to the license, students can get work done from the comfort of their home or school campus in any part of the country.

Collaborating and managing critical engineering information with the new cloud-based platform Kenesto.

It is essential for businesses and students to collaborate efficiently and securely. Although some businesses will want to offer students remote access to their internal infrastructure, many won't go through this administrative effort.

Tethys Engineering has partnered with Kenesto to offer a unique alternative. As part of various subscriptions to Tethys Engineering services, business and students will be able to create their own workspace on the Kenesto platform. This will provide a secure environment to share data, files, and documents, establish and manage workflows, assign and track tasks, and connect to the native file structure of Solidworks and other CAD packages via built-in connectivity.

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Be part of the movement...and JOIN US!

The technology that we put in the hands of students shape their future. We want them to put these to work in real life situation. This requires the foresight and support of the Software OEMs in working with us to develop the licensing model that works for the unique characteristics of this user community.

Be part of it! Help us get our future engineers to a better place and allow them to earn an income and pay their way through college while working on your products and platforms.

For inquiries, please send us a note at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.