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Welcome to Tethys Engineering





We have re-invented the way students and businesses work together essentially creating a new form of apprenticeship to complement the various programs that already exist.

As a business, why would you not want to hire fresh graduates that have already accumulated thousands of hours of experiences with you if that was possible. Tethys Engineering can help make it happen.

It is a form of German-Apprenticeship now available online.

Here are the fundamental promises we aspire to fulfill both for students and businesses:


Improve student readiness upon graduation by making it possible to develop and apply skills through an online working experience in the same field as the academic studies.


Allow business to participating early in shaping the next generation of talent, develop intimate relationships with students while on campus, evaluate and coach along the way, and dramatically improve recruiting effectiveness.


Generate a meaningful source of income to finance education and allow students to graduate with as little debt as possible, all that without leaving campus


Get real work done economically through a fully integrated online experience (e.g., collaboration, e-commerce, time management) where the student participants are delivering results as independent contractors


Allow students to receive structure feedback on experiences acquired, know-how developed and other achievements in order to create a rich, certified apprenticeship journal that will augment their resumes upon graduation

Tethys Core Functionality


To deliver on our promises, we have assembled a rich portfolio of capabilities ranging from a comprehensive set of social networking features to a full blown e-commerce platform for student to run their own professional services business while in school. We will be listening to our users and evolve our offering so don't hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts.


 Community screenshot    "Community" is the underlying social network available that enables  collaboration on Tethys. It allows participants to develop personalized content, create connections private or public, and participate to apprenticeship activities in group organized by various businesses. It also offers various messaging and notification mechanisms to remain aware of what is happening in the community.

"Internship" is the place where businesses can post internship listing and get students to express interest and inquire. In turn, students can browse and find various opportunities available or review past activities and the ratings that were submitted by participants. 




"Apprenticeship" provides the core functionality to build a rich journal that capture the student's apprenticeship journey. It allows you to create listing entries in 3 different categories:

  • "Experience" : projects you have worked on and occupied a specific role

  • "Know-how" : skills and capabilities you have acquired during the course of those projects

  • "Achievements" : Academic results or various badges of honor and certification you have obtained


"Academy" provides a market place for learning. All participants with the appropriate subscription can either create, publish and even sell learning content... or consume as a student. It is expected that business users will use this functionality to create content that students would need to be familiar with in order to qualify for certain type of internships or to further develop their skills along a define apprenticeship path. Content in the Tethys Academy will grow thanks to the leadership of participants with a passion to teach and share knowledge. 




"Software Access" is a very important part of Tethys. This is the place where over time we will be adding a growing list of commercial software that will be available for student to get work done on various internship. We aim at reducing the financial burden on students and yet provide a license that can be used for commercial work which typically "student licenses" are not. Our initial software package allows students to run SOLIDWORKS in a browser window and share/review work products with other participants using Amazon Workdocs file sharing and collaboration services.


"Business tools" provide all elements of the e-commerce platform needed to conduct business on Tethys. The goal of Tethys is not just to provide a social network where students and businesses can get to know each other but also to conduct business. It provides a market place where participants can create a "store", promote "products" and "services" and get customers to buy. On Tethys, students run their own businesses as independent contractors and get paid directly into their Paypal accounts.



An Entrepreneurship Opportunity for Every Student


Tethys provides students the opportunity to hone their entrepreneurship skills. There is nothing more important in today's competitive world than being able to sell one-self and the many ideas that one may create. We offers those that have the entrepreneur's bug to go beyond looking for internships.

On Tethys you can organize a group of students, create content, sell your knowledge in our own online university, specialized on unique offerings, market your services, and get your former internship employer to keep on working with you online.


A Way to Erase Size and Geography Limitations


In today's dynamic world, we can't expect to find the best partner at the corner of the street and being large rarely equates to the ability to win or excel.

This is true for students, campus and businesses alike. With Tethys Engineering, we help eliminate the limitations that may have once existed for businesses and campuses to overcome their geographical separations. We have provided the online environment needed by student to do business with organizations of any size, anywhere.

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