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Top Students

 Fund your education 

On Tethys Engineering, a student can earn a meaningful income  throughout the school year. A commitment of 10hr/week would generate $120. But that could be just a start…register to learn more

 Develop new skills

Get involved in production projects with businesses of various sizes and build a rich apprenticeship experience before you graduate. It is a very competitive world out there

 Build relationships

Develop intimate relationships with future employers, learn what they need and focus your learning journey on what will make you most valuable in the market place upon graduation.

Register on Tethys Engineering

Here are the simple steps you should take:

1. Click on the “Register” button

2. Follow all the steps until you reach the “check out” screen

3. Respond to the verification email (check your spam mail if you don’t see it within a couple of hours)

4. Build your online profile to make you stand out including adding past experiences and achievements to your apprenticeship diary

5. Seek potential employers either among those that have signed up already or through your university connection and past internship experiences

6. Get to work !!

Check the Help section for more guidance

Introduction for Students 

Tethys Engineering is an online environment that allows students to take part in “virtual extended internships” with businesses of various sizes from the comfort of their dorm rooms. There are 5 key components to the environment offered to the students and 5 key reasons to participate:

Commercial Engineering Software Licenses 

Various universities offer students the opportunity  to learn some of the latest engineering software technologies. We offer them the opportunity to transition from the student version to a commercial version and put their knowledge to work online. There are many future employers in need of extra qualified hands with the right tools. With the help of Tethys Engineering students can create more internship opportunities for themselves while they are still in school.

Social Collaboration 

To make the relationship possible between businesses and students we have created a social platform inspired from Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp to allow participant to build an intimate working relationships. It offers not only a blend of social media communication and community building, but also allows for more private space where participants can develop a more confidential, work related relationship.

Apprenticeship diary and reputation building 

Our main objective is to provide students with a rich apprenticeship experience before they graduate. To complement traditional internship programs, motivated students can accumulate many more hours across a broad variety of projects. To make it possible to represent this correctly upon graduation, we have created a “log book” where experiences, know-how, and achievements can be captured and rated (hence verified) by the customer. 

Online Learning 

Our technology partners and the various participating businesses have a lot to contribute in the development of the next generation of engineers. The Tethys Engineering learning management system allows businesses and tech companies to create custom curriculum for the consumption of their interns. Take advantage of it and contribute. Every student can also create learning material and be compensated for others consuming it.

Project Administration and Activity Management

To make everything work, we needed to also provide a project management system, a file sharing system, a time tracking mechanism, a billing system, and a way for students to get paid. It is all there and will continue to improve over time as we invest further in the development of the platform. At this point students and businesses can get work done and manage the entire process with the tools we have provided. With the richness of the features available it is highly recommended to every user to read the help information provided on the web site and bookmark that section as we will also continuously enrich it

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