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PDF File Verification

What's this service?

This module is provided for 3rd party entities to verify the Authenticity of the "Tethys Profile PDF" for a student registered with Tethys.

Steps to verify the PDF Authenticity.

  1. Upload the PDF File Below
  2. In some instances, you'll need to fill in CAPTCHA, Most of the times its seamless.
  3. The server checks for the Integrity and Authenticity of the provided file.
  4. The result will be displayed on the right side.

Are the uploaded files stored?

All the files uploaded from the below form, are instantly deleted after checking for their authenticity.

What type of files are accepted?

Only PDF files are accepted. The max file size accepted, is 1MB.

Anything else?

Yes, By using this service, You agree to our ToS. Also In order to provide fair service, we are using Google ReCaptcha to discourage automated form submissions.
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